Chemical Automation


Our controller automatically maintains the chlorine residual and pH level in your pool or spa. The controller’s advanced sensors monitor water conditions around the clock and activates the chemical pumps only when necessary, avoiding the over-feeds common in manual feed systems and the resulting chemical waste and water imbalance. The controller relieves you of constant water maintenance and ensures that your pool water continuously meets health department standards.

Automating offers the following benefits:

  1. Superior Water Quality – Automating provides continual chemical maintenance, eliminates bather complaints, and assures you of the highest quality water possible.
  2. Reduced Labor – Pool operators need only make the minimum balance checks required by the local health department.
  3. Chemical Savings – Because of it’s efficient use of chemicals, automation can reduce your chemical costs by up to 40%!
  4. Safety – Automating your pool reduces your staff’s involvement with hazardous chemicals and reduces the risk of chemical related injuries.
  5. Maintenance Savings – Continuously balanced water extends the life of impellers, ladders, heater coils, and even plaster.
  6. Spring Restart Savings – An automated pool is more easily operated through the off-season and is less costly and far less time consuming than the draining and refilling involved in spring start-up. Maintaining your pool through the winter also means an end to power washing, acid washing, and excessive repainting.
  7. Peace of Mind – Unsanitized water is not only unattractive, it can also be a liability. Chemical automation eliminates this risk by constantly maintaining your pool’s sanitizer level.

For more information on chemical automation, call 800-849-8464 ext. 112 or email

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